Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Catalogue of Life in Galway

Thomas Kunze and Viktoras Didziulis with their posters

The Catalogue of Life was represented at the 48th Annual European Marine Biology Symposium in Galway, Ireland on 19-23 August 2013, by Thomas Kunze (CoL Editorial Assistant), Viktoras Didziulis (CoL Systems Manager) and Yuri Roskov (CoL Executive Editor). Below is their account of the event:

The conference brought together over 200 academic practitioners in marine biology (biologists, oceanaologist, geologists, ecologists, taxonomists and project managers) from over 20 countries for networking and dissemination of their research. The conference highlighted the need for sustainable management of the oceanic resources against a backdrop of climate change and ocean acidification.

The Catalogue of Life presented the following three posters, which summarised i4Life activity in Workpackage 3 (2012-2013):

  • Overview of marine taxa suppliers in the Catalogue of Life by Yuri Roskov
  • Proto-GSD in the Catalogue of Life – a case study on Mollusca and Platyhelmintes by Thomas Kunze
  • Master data management and user services of the Catalogue of Life by Viktoras Didziulis 

With these three posters different aspects of the Catalogue were highlighted - the technical side, editorial work and the general composition of marine data. 

By visiting the conference, we were able to present the product - the Catalogue of Life, and gain access to both users and partners. The Editorial team is always on the look out for new contributors in gap areas to improve species coverage. In Galway, one of the outcomes of attending this meeting was that we were able to meet, among others, marine protistologists (people working with Protista and Chromista) and discuss the possibilities for additional Global Species Checklists in these groups.  From the partner side of things, we were happy to meet several members of WoRMS, a major contributor to the Catalogue of Life. The Catalogue Life has a wide user base across many different fields, ecologists being one such group; this conference with many in attendance, also gave us the opportunity to target new users in this area.


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