Wednesday, 18 September 2013

i4Life at the Catalogue of Life Global Team meeting

The Catalogue of Life Global Team

This week Alastair Culham and Yuri Roskov from the Reading i4Life team travelled to Leiden, Holland for the annual Catalogue of Life Global Team meeting. The Catalogue of Life Global Team are a group of taxonomic experts from around the world who advise and decide upon scientific policy for the Catalogue of Life. They are made up of Global Species Database custodians, ITIS representatives and Species2000 (the body which governs the Catalogue of Life in financial and legal matters) directors.

On the agenda this time were: 
  • a report on the move of the Species2000 secretariat from Reading University to Naturalis in November this year; 
  • a proposal for updating the Catalogue of Life Management Classification
  • a presentation from Alastair Culham, the i4Life Coordinator, on the soon to be completed project's progress; and 
  • a discussion on how to include fossil taxa in the Catalogue of Life, something that has been presented as a priority by certain members of the Global Team. 
Global Team meetings are always a good chance to connect with parts of the confederation that is the Catalogue of Life.

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