Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Catalogue of Life, 26th February

The Catalogue of Life, 26th February was released yesterday at In this release we have a major contribution of new global checklists from Michael Hassler's World Plants database for 103 families of flowering plants (263 in total). We also included updates for 3 plant databases received from Wien via Heimo Rainer. This is a last due delivery of i4Life pilot projects.

New databases include three from the i4Life project:
• AnnonBase
Annonaceae include a range of tropical and sub tropical shrubs and trees including the Custard Apple and the Cherimoya.

• ChenoBase
Chenopodiaceae includes the increasingly popular Quinoa - Chenopodium quinoa, yields a high protein, zero gluten, starch-rich seed.  Many Chenopodiaceae are problem weeds as they grow very well in nitrogen rich conditions.

• EbenaBase
Ebenaceae includes the high quality timber ebony, the traditional source of wood for black piano keys, but also the widely sold fruit Persimmon (Diospyros spp. commonly D. kaki).

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