Monday, 30 June 2014

Catalogue of Life User Survey Results

During July 2013 we conducted an online survey under the i4Life project to better understand our Catalogue of Life direct users and their needs. The Catalogue of Life is taxonomic infrastructure for many global biodiversity data providers who themselves service millions of users, but over a thousand people a day also access the online Catalogues direct from our website. Google Analytics provides statistics on certain usage patterns, but we wanted to try to gain further insight. 78 people responded to our request for information (thank you!) and below are the quantitative results from the survey.

Here are a few things that we observed from the results:
  • The majority of users, as we thought, come to the Catalogue of Life to check a species name.
  • Many professionals are using the Catalogue of Life for their work.
  • We have worked hard with our website to give clear explanations of our products but perhaps some of our users still do not understand the distinction between the Annual Checklist and the Dynamic Checklist.
  • Stable name identifiers are the most important addition you would like to see.
  • You really do consider us to be of help!

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