Friday, 20 March 2015

Catalogue of Life 2015 - Catalogue of Life annual report summary from the Executive Editor

CoL Monthly editions

During 2014-15 year cycle, we released 12 monthly editions. You can find full report on each edition at The good news is that the CoL process had no interruptions during my move from Reading to Champaign in July 2014. Seven editions have been completed from the new location at the Illinois Natural History Survey. Notifications on each release were twitted via CoL Twitter at If you would like to receive regular notifications, please subscribe to CoL Twitter.

2015 Annual Checklist

The 2015 Annual Checklist was delivered to the IT support team at Naturalis for further production on 2nd March 2015. This year’s edition contains contributions from 151 databases with information on 1,606,554 species and 150,118 infraspecific taxa which belong to 143,327 genera, 8,276 families, 1,035 orders, 234 classes, 81 phyla and 7 kingdoms plus viruses; it also includes 1,322,911 synonyms and 329,997 common names.

There are 12 new databases in the 2015 Annual Checklist, plus new global sector from ITIS:

3i Cicadoidea: 3i interactive keys and taxonomic databases, superfamily Cicadoidea • DermapteraSF: Dermaptera Species File • FADA Copepoda • ITIS Global, family Lampyridae (Coleoptera) • WoRMS Acanthocephala: World List of Acanthocephala • WoRMS Acoelomorpha: World list of Acoelomorpha • WoRMS Cephalochordata: World list of Cephalochordata • WoRMS Foraminifera: World Foraminifera Database • WoRMS Kinorhyncha: World list of Kinorhyncha • WoRMS Merostomata: World list of Merostomata • WoRMS Octocorallia: World list of Octocorallia • WoRMS Orthonectida: World list of Orthonectida • WoRMS Rhombozoa: World list of Rhombozoa

As you can see, CoL achieved in this year a milestone of 1.6M species.

Two main content highlights of this year:

CoL virtually completed all vascular plants. Lot of new data have been contributed by high quality World Plants and WCSP (Kew) databases. We are celebrating this achievement with Plumeria flower on DVD booklet cover.

CoL got excellent contribution in Chromista from WoRMS World Foraminifera Database of 8.7K species.

New interface

2015 Annual Checklist is released in a new version of user interface, which displays now subgenera in species names and use new style for name URLs which may secure stability of external links to our database through different editions. New interface also supposed to have features which should help CoL to increase visibility of its content in Google and other search engines.


Now each of 3 CoL products has own ISSN:

ISSN 2405-917X for Annual Checklist on DVD

ISSN 2405-884X for Annual Checklist online

ISSN 2405-8858 for Catalogue of Life, online monthly editions

All these ISSNs were obtained from national office in the Netherlands. Many thanks to Mil for application and management of this “project”!

Yours sincerely, Yuri Roskov

Species 2000 Office at INHS, University of Illinois, Champaign IL, USA