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The Catalogue of Life is a quality-assured checklist of more than 1.4 million species of plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms, about 70% of all those known to science.

To highlight the work we do and the importance of contributing global species databases, we are posting two ongoing series:

Taxon of the Day is a regular (not quite everyday) feature highlighting a small number of the species held in the Catalogue of Life.

Global Species Database Spotlight is an interview that gives an insight into the great work of individual taxonomists and taxonomic groups that join together to make the Catalogue of Life.

Other articles of interest - eg:

Filling gaps in the Catalogue of Life
What is a proto-GSD?
Taxon of the Day: Viruses
i4Life part 1: Improving the world's taxonomic data indexing
i4Life part 2: Global Species Databases

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The Catalogue of Life welcomes comments on all our blog postings and will publish any reasonable or constructive comment that contributes to the conversation. However, we do operate a moderation procedure, where comments are first reviewed by the Blog Editor before posting for public view. There will be a delay in responding to comments outside working hours and during staff holiday but usually we aim to publish comments within 48 hours.

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